Dem Beans Farm

About Us

To Connect Jamaica Cocoa Farmers to Make Them More Productive and Successful.

Mission Statement

To become more prominent in the Jamaican cocoa sector by utilizing environmentally conscious approaches to develop a DBF signature cocoa value chain system that pivots on excellency, quality, and consistency to meets local and international standards in quality, environment, and management approaches, by so doing we hope to sustainably satisfy our current market demands while seeking out new opportunities.

Our intent is to integrate the cocoa producers of Jamaica who are our suppliers in order to improve their production, productivity and quality of life, thus improving the livelihoods of our farmers and their families in a sustainable way.

Who We Are

We are a family run operation situated in the middle of the beautiful island of Jamaica, the parish of St. Mary, Palmetto Grove to be exact.

Our purpose in business is to make available for the world and local market high quality fine/flavour Jamaican cocoa beans.

Here at DBF we purchase freshly harvested beans from our partners, ferment the beans under strictly controlled environment and make it available for the local and world market. We provide a conducive and a controlled environment in which the cocoa farmers can get the best result and return for what they love doing and their produces, a place where knowledge, information and best practices are shared.

DBF SCR Policy

Our CSR strategy

As a responsible company we have a duty to ensure that we are making a positive, social, environmental, and economic impact on our business but more importantly on the people we serve, and the planet as a whole.

At Dem Beans Farm Limited (DBF) we believe everyone has a responsibility towards the protection of the environment, and we also believe everyone should be able to have the opportunity to shop sustainable.

Therefore, we are committed to make available to our community sustainable produced products.

We have set a number of clear sustainability objectives which the company’s employees, contractors and suppliers must follow. We deliver our products and services against these set objectives. As part of our operation, we challenge the common misconception that sustainably produced products are more expensive.

Being a sustainable cocoa producer is more than just producing high quality and affordable produce, it is producing excellent product for our customers, a good environment for our farmers to work in, a product good for people to consume and contribute to the wellbeing of the planet.

The values we live by

We are committed to using agricultural science to innovate as if our future, our home depends on it – because it does


We believe and actively work to being just, equitable and antiracist, as a company and in our community.


We examine our practices openly and honestly, learn from our mistakes and strive meet our commitments.


We’re all part of nature, and every decision we make is in the context of the environmental crisis challenging humanity. We work to reduce our impact, share solutions and embrace regenerative and sustainable practices in the work we do.

Our Commitments

We are Committed to Using Agricultural Science to Innovate as if Our Future, Our Home Depends on it – Because it Does.

We stand by the following:

Our Commitments

We Stand by the followings: Our People, Our Product and, The Planet

Sustainability Documentation

At DBF we are committed to promote sustainable agriculture and helping communities create, protect, and beautify the environment for people to live, work and play.

How We Do Things

we strive to deliver a superior result

The Team

Our Teams is the Foundation to the Success of Our Business

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